Why Hire Us?

Why Hire Our Firm?

Our Texarkana Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You

At Matthew Golden Law Firm, PLLC, we have over three decades of combined experience assisting the victims of accidents. We are passionate about winning just compensation and benefits for our clients, and we can tirelessly and aggressively represent you. With our experience and resources, you can rest assured that you are in excellent hands with our Texarkana Personal Injury, and Social Security Disability. We are compassionate with clients, and fierce when it comes to seeking justice on their behalf.

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What Sets Our Firm Apart?

At Matthew Golden Law Firm, PLLC, we are fully dedicated to the success of our clients. We handlePersonal Injury cases, and Social Security Disability cases. We have handled cases nationwide. Our reputation speaks for itself. In fact, many of our cases come as referrals from fellow attorneys that know we have the resources, experience, and determination necessary to successfully handle complex cases. Our attorneys have a long history of success, and we have the resources, expertise and determination necessary to successfully handle your case.

Why hire Matthew Golden Law Firm, PLLC?

  • Our attorneys have over 30 years of combined experience
  • We offer after-hours appointments on request
  • There are no fees unless we recover in your case
  • We can travel to you if you are unable to come to us
  • Our firm can serve clients all over Texas and Arkansas
  • We offer free consultations

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In both Texas and Arkansas, there is a statute of limitations on personal injury cases, meaning that there is a limited amount of time within which to act. To get started on getting the fair compensation or benefits you could be entitled to, fill out a free case evaluation form with all the details of your situation. One of our attorneys can get back to you with in depth advice on how to proceed, and assist you with your case, every step of the way.

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